Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Internet Spanish: The Ñ Exists

Raúl Guerrero

The letter ñ has finally been admitted to the Internet. The Real Academia Española and have reached an agreement to allow the use of the most characteristic of the Spanish letters in the Internet. All written accents, too. The new domain for the Spanish-language governing agency will be: realacademiaespañ

It is a great step in the right direction for the Spanish language. There are 24 million internautas in Spain alone. 24 percent of Google’s searches are for books in Spanish, said the Academy’s Director. The Real Academia Española is determined to establish the presence on the Web of the Spanish-language, a language spoken by 400 million people worldwide.

Has finally been = ha sido finalmente.
Have reached an agreement = han llegado a un acuerdo.
Written accent = tilde. Acento refers to intonation. Here is a guide for Windows: AL Alt-? = ¿ Alt-! = ¡ Alt-n = ñ Alt-N = Ñ Alt-a = á Alt-e = é Alt-i = í Alt-o = ó Alt-u = ú
Domain = dominio.
As well as = así como, también.
Internet users = internautas.
Search = búsqueda.
Spanish speaker = español hablante, español parlante.
Worldwide = en todo el mundo.

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